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Criminal Defense Attorney in Athens, Georgia

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Jeffrey Jackson

Attorney at Law

After earning my B.A. in History from the University of Georgia, I began to wonder: how can I help others in my community who don't have the resources to help themselves? That's when I began studying law, and it quickly became my passion. Starting my own firm meant that I could devote my energy to helping others who have a legal issues. As a dedicated, aggressive litigator in Athens, GA, I seek to give you the tools you need to get through a criminal charge every step of the way.

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Attorney Benjamin D. Brubaker standing with his hands folded

Benjamin D. Brubaker

Attorney at Law

Benjamin D. Brubaker, or Ben as he usually goes by, graduated from Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law in May of 2018. While Ben was in school, he also worked for multiple law firms in the Athens area that specialized in real estate transactions. Since graduating from law school, Ben has grown his law practice, using his experience to assist his clients on real estate transaction, estate planning, including complex trust and estate matters, and business law.

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"When you feel you have nowhere to turn,
I will fight aggressively for your rights."

Jeffrey Jackson

Protect Your Future & Your Freedom

A criminal charge can make you feel like your life is over. I am here to tell you that it is not. You do not need to feel hopeless. When you turn to Jackson & Brubaker Law PC you will receive skilled legal guidance that will help to protect your future and your freedom. I'm ready to fight for you.

When we work together, I'll explain the process every step of the way. I'll hear your story, listen to your concerns and we will determine your goals. From there, we will develop a sound, skilled and aggressive legal strategy. We will take charge and determine how your case proceeds through the legal system. We will be proactive. We will determine the motions that need to be filed, and take your case to trial if necessary. At Jackson & Brubaker Law PC, we are aggressive. We will handle your case quickly with care to help you move forward. You deserve a fair opportunity to reach a positive result and a lighter burden.

A criminal conviction can damage your future in more ways than one. With heavy consequences in the balance, you need to have a passionate criminal defense attorney in your corner. I'll work to protect your rights, preserve your freedom, and pursue a path forward. You may even schedule a free jail consultation so we can start as soon as possible.

Everyone in the community deserves justice and to be treated fairly. I am here to make sure this occurs. I will not allow any of your rights to be violated.

If you are ready to begin, lets take the first step in resolving your case. Please call me today and we can schedule a free consultation. It does not matter your location, I will do everything in my power to fight for what is right.

Facing a Real Estate Problem?

I understand that real estate disputes can be very personal, and I want to fight with you every step of the way. When facing real estate issues, it is important to have an attorney that can address your concerns with confidence and help bring you peace of mind.

I provide sound legal counsel that is tailored to meet your needs. At Jackson & Brubaker Law PC, I will fight for your interests and stand firmly behind you with determined advocacy and results-driven legal strategies that can help you find success. Don't face your real estate issues alone.

At Jackson & Brubaker Law PC, I have extensive knowledge and experience handling real estate issues throughout Athens, Georgia. I focus on a variety of different real estate legal matters and personally craft strategies to achieve solutions that help my clients reach their real estate goals.

When you work with me, you will have years of real estate knowledge and experience on your side. Regardless of the challenges, you may be facing, I want to hear about your situation. Call my office today to speak with a skilled real estate attorney.